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BMINDFUL http://herenow.bmindful/

B Mindful | top level Handshake(HNS) domain 2021

At Inner I Net Company, our Handshake Top Level Domains are nourished from the ROOT OF PERCEPTION, to spiritualize potentials for an abundance of fruits. Own The Web 3 we Consciously CHOOSE to Bend and SHAPE Reality while customizing The Root Zone File of the Internet with our HNS-DOMAINS.


Thoughts of God are Divine Seeds sown in the Mind.

“God dwells in you, as you, and you don’t have to ‘do’ anything to be God-realized or Self-realized, it is already your true and natural state.” Just drop all seeking, turn your attention inward, and sacrifice your mind to the One Self radiating in the Heart of your very being. For this to be your own presently lived experience, Self-Inquiry is the one direct and immediate way.” Sri Ramana Maharshi

“Brahman, is the very Self, the indivisible, pure, “I” ness, which is everywhere, in everything and around everything. There is no duality, division or dichotomy in Brahman. Brahman is one Supreme endless unitary feeling of “I” ness. That “I”ness is pure, immutable, indivisible and universal in Brahman, but manifests in the field of Nature as selfishness and egoism.”

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